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Участник интернет-каталога ЛАБОРАТОРКА
Журнал «Мир измерений»
Сервис «АНК»
Spectrométrie de masse
Vmso.ru Service

Instrumental Service

Technical Support and Service Group (GTPNO) conducts
  • instrument service for analytical laboratories
  • troubleshooting and tuning of instruments
  • consulting in the area of applications and technology of mass spectrometry and chromatography
  • technical training
  • allocation, purchasing and installation of instrument components and accessories (e.g. vacuum components, electronic parts, etc.)
  • design, implementation, and automation of novel experimental solutions

Technical service contracts are available for foreign and domestic instruments, including older generation, in any condition, located anywhere in Russia and the former Soviet Union

Conditions of service contracts vary based on the type of instruments, their age, make, schedule of service, and the overall size of the customer's instrument park. For technical consultation or to receive quotes on purchase, installation, repair or services please contact us at
(9.00-19.00 Moscow time)
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